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  • Prof. Mentz Founded the International Board of Standards which Approves over 600 accredited degree programs and Educational Institutions over 100 Countries around the world: Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico, Beijing, Singapore, Taiwan, USA, India, Africa, Vietnam, The Bahamas and more. The Board of Standards and Accreditation Council offers Board Certifications, Charters, Registrations and Designations for those who have completed registered or accredited education.
  • Prof. Mentz has authored/published over 200 Books articles and essays, and has been featured or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Hindu National, El Norte Latin America, the Financial Times Asia, & The Arab Times. His research, publications, and speeches have been syndicated into over 100 countries.
  • Mentz has also been a professor for over 150 college, graduate school and law school courses over the last 15 years. Mentz is a course professor and architect for major institutions globally.
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  • Prof. Mentz has held faculty, Advisor, and professorial appointments in California, Illinois, Colorado, New Orleans, Florida, Virginia, India, NJ/NY BSII, Florida, and more.
  • Prof. Mentz offers legal counsel services in the areas of Class Action Lawsuits, Financial Expert Testimony, Securities Lawyer Services, Product Liability, and Personal Injury Mass Tort.
  • Prof. Mentz has served on the advisory board of the GFF Global Finance Forum in Switzerland and the World E-Commerce Forum in London, England
  • Prof Mentz is the General Counsel for several companies and as consulted with Fortune 500 countries internationally.
  • Mentz has Established and Founded 4 Global Scholarship Programs for Persons in Need: The Judge Mentz Scholarship Program, The Mentz Bridewell Scholarship Program, The Mentz LaMantia Scholarship Program, and The Mentz McConnell Scholarship Program.
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  • Mentz is General Counsel for The International Project Management Commission & Allied Training Companies that can assist your corporation with Board Certification Executive Project Management Training.

Prof. Mentz offers consulting in several areas of law, education, training, marketing, and management:


George Mentz Attorney Lawyer  Business School Faculty Professor

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