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Prof. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM, MPM - Attorney at Law * LA EDLA

  • George S Mentz, Esq. is an attorney and law professor who focuses on Consumer Rights and Protection. Prof. Mentz is an licensed attorney with the Mentz Law Firm, LLC .~ Mentz formerly was with Kahn Gauthier LLC ) which was founded in 2001 by Wendell Gauthier, the nationally prominent lawyer most responsible for the national tobacco settlements in excess of $200 billion, and numerous other recoveries for thousands of plaintiffs in excess of $3 billion. Over the years, Prof. Mentz has taught over 2000 students and he continues to be a advocate for victims rights.

  • Mentz Law represents clients that have suffered los or injurys, whether physical from ( Accident Disaster or Medical ) or financial theft or negligence from Securities Fraud. In these types of cases, the law firm may work on contingency arrangement, whereby plaintiffs have no up front lawyer fees. The firm only gets a fee ifthe Mentz Law Firm obtains a recovery for a plaintiff, generally in the range of one-third of the ultimate recovery. Mentz Law Firm may utilize a variety of legal means to pursue cases on behalf of its clients, including outside counsel, individual lawsuits, class actions, Multi District Litigations, and other complex forms of litigation.
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    In addition to its class action, product liability, secuities class actions, and personal injury practice, Mentz Law represents companies that either engage in or are affected by e-business changes and global issues.

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Freephone: 1 877 588 2698 - FAX: 1 419 828 4923 - Telephone: 1 504 495 1748

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White Paper on The Law and Internet by: Prof. Mentz, Esq.

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White Paper on The Law and Internet by: Prof. Mentz, Esq.



G. Mentz, JD, MBA, Atty at Law . - 200 L&A Road, Suite B, Metairie, Louisiana 70001 - 504-495-1748 "The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements." This site intended of Louisiana citizens. G. Mentz, Esq. is a licensed attorney in (LA) Louisiana and the United States Federal Courts of EDLA.
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