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George Mentz, Esq. - Wealth Management Legal Consulting


  • Prof. Mentz works as a private CWM Certified Wealth Manager on a select basis.
  • As an attorney, all discussions are protected under the attorney client relationship.
  • Prof. Mentz was the first person in the USA to hold multi designations as a lawyer, MBA, certified financial consultant and qualified/licensed financial planner.
  • Mentz over the last 18 years has continued to consult for CEOs, Company Founders, Presidential Candidates, Members of Royal Families from various countries, and Super High Net Worth Families and Business Owners.
  • Prof. Mentz Worked for some of the top US banks and Wall Street firms; consulting with hundreds of the Richest Americans.
  • Prof. Mentz focuses on wealth preservation, asset protection, wealth management, trusts, international and US taxation, estate planning, retirement planning, investment management and more.
  • Prof. Mentz has been quoted or featured in some of the top news channels worldwide on the subject of wealth management such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Morningstar, Forbes, The Financial Times Asia, The Hindu National, The Arab Times, and The El Norte Latin America
  • Mentz and his companies have trained thousands of brokers, bankers, accountants, financial analysts, financial planners and more to stay on the cutting edge of international wealth management.
  • Prof. Mentz primarily works with individuals with a net worth of over 20 million dollars or those who are in the growth phase of their entrepreneurship activities. Exceptions of course can be made due to: Start Up Companies, varying family dynamics and holdings.
  • Prof. Mentz also assists shareholders with large concentrations of stock (such as company founders, pension funds, hedge funds, etc) with wealth diversification or legal protection of losses where securities fraud or IPO Negligence is involved.
  • Prof. Mentz can bring his team in to personally consult with you regarding your assets, your investments, international taxation, privacy, and other delicate legal issues.
  • To contact Prof. Mentz, please click here: Contact Form
  • Click here to buy one of the books Prof. Mentz has prepared on Wealth Management
  • Click here to apply to enroll in one of Prof. Mentz's recognized Wealth Management and Estate Planning courses in several key cities of the USA and in several countries Overseas.


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