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Prof. Mentz offers consulting in severals areas of law, education, training, marketing, and management:

Presently, Prof Mentz teaches these post-juris-doctorate level courses for an accredited law school.

Chartered Asset Management
This advanced course requires the student to analyze hypothetical cases and existing law to determine the best techniques to bring their advice all together for the wealth manager's client. Students will learn how to collect the necessary information for a full analysis of the client's needs. Students will learn how to evaluate client assets, client objectives, family dynamics, and family corporations. The student should be able to successfully examine a full case study analysis for any given wealth management situation and then provide a complete set of recommendations that are in the best interests of the client. This course involves case study, data collection and analysis, research, writing, legal citations, and a final project as part of its terminal course objectives. Moreover, the student will learn how to put a team together that can facilitate proposals. Topics include investments and jurisdictions and offshore investing, client asset analysis, estate planning analysis, wills and trusts, retirement plans, stock options, retirement analysis, fiduciary duties, asset protection, philanthropy, and international financial products for high net worth persons.

Chartered Portfolio Manager (Inv. Mgt.)
The role of international consulting, tax firms, and financial institutions has expanded since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act to include a mix of asset and portfolio management (securities investments), banking and insurance law. Cognizant of the extensive regulation in this area, advisors, tax lawyers, bankers, managers, compliance officers, and accountants are required to observe and utilize strategic investment-risk management skills while complying with regulatory requirements. This course analyzes investment management and the compliance issues involved while incorporating case studies, practical knowledge, and assessment of legal knowledge in the area of compliance and investment management. Topics include investment policy and law; fiduciary rules and regulations for investment advisors and managers; prudent investor rules; and investment products: mutual funds, ETFs and 401Ks; insurance products, services and regulation; hedge funds history and law; SEC and NASD regulation of RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors); stocks: fixed income, dividend, and growth; bonds (corporate and tax free); asset allocation and portfolio management; risk management; fundamental and technical analysis; measuring returns; client review and communication; disclosure; privacy; annual reporting; and investment management, legal compliance and ethics.

Chartered Wealth Manager
This course focuses on the basic practical topics and skills involved in wealth management, private banking, and high net worth consulting. Some domestic and international tax knowledge is required for this course so that the student may synthesize tax skills with related industry laws, financial services and product knowledge. Advising clients on a day-to-day basis may involve securities regulation, tax and portfolio management skills, estate planning and insurance analysis, international banking and economic awareness along with observing ethics and professionalism. Specific topics covered include client objectives and compliance, NASD and stock broker regulation & registered investment advisor law, investment or portfolio law and taxation, fundamentals of retirement law and taxation, wealth management fundamentals and strategy, trust, estate planning, insurance law and strategy, money banking and financial law and regulation, us economics, law, and fundamentals, client communication and client evaluation & review, portfolio and wealth management analysis, wealth management & high net worth private banking legal strategy, ethics, regulation, and CPA's and lawyer integration.


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