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New Short White Paper on Lawyers on the Internet and Class Actions

Q. Does the Internet help facilitate justice in America by allowing people to join a class action lawsuit?

A. Some people would argue that the Internet would allow momentum and information (regarding dangerous products) to be discovered more quickly and companies to settle with victims of class action lawsuits at a much faster pace. What used to take years is now only taking months. Injured people are now searching on the Internet for the very thing that caused their injury. Or, people are searching and finding legal help, specialists and attorneys or advocates much quicker. Therefore, the dangerous actions may be stopped more quickly.

Q. Does the Internet or Web Promoted Class Action Lawsuits protect the public?

A. This is easily argued in that the public can search for the side affects or dangers of any given product or medicine now with relative ease from the comforts of their home. As an example, it is fairly simple to find recall information on the Internet. Moreover, once a reasonable amount of people sign up for representation against a company that is selling something potentially dangerous, then, that company may be more careful in the distribution of the product or even improve or modify the product so that it is safer. Example: Warning Labels & Disclosures

Q. Will the Internet protect people from further injury and danger from defective or unsafe products or drugs?

A. Probably so. If the Internet speeds up the process of companies removing or fixing unsafe products (for example) then, less people will result in injury. Overall, it is the people who should be applauded for searching the Internet, making complaints, and giving valuable feedback as to what is wrong with the product and the potential problems and injuries that may result from use. Companies should be thankful for this as it may even prevent a class action lawsuit. Stockholders should also be glad that the feedback is coming in at a rapid pace which may prevent catastrophic losses to corporations, insurance companies and owners.

Q. Is it bad that law firms are advertising for class action lawsuits on the Internet?

A. Some may argue it is not suitable or conservative. However, there are many more people today who are apprised of the dangers and their rights and who are compensated for their injuries due to the broad use of the Internet. Thus, less people may become a financial burden to society if they are treated fairly by those who have injured them and the justice system.



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White Paper on The Law and Internet by: Prof. Mentz, Esq.