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In the USA, the legal system may require your global company to have proper legal representation to confront infringement or injury to you and your companies.  The Mentz Firm, based in the United States, State of Louisiana,  can help teach you to  protect your company and your customers. We offer class action securities and consumer fraud protection insights and strategy.


George Mentz is an international lawyer and  licensed US EDLA and Louisiana attorney who holds a Juris Doctorate Degree, an MBA, and a Graduate Certification-Diploma in International Law  along with earning several other consulting certifications, credentials and wealth management designations. Prof. Mentz - he & his companies have provided help and services to thousands of persons around the world, to Fortune 100 companies, and privately held corporations in over 20 nations.    Over the years, Prof. Mentz has taught over 2000 students and he continues to be a advocate for victims rights.


Over 30,000 people have contacted Attorney Mentz to seek legal help over the last decade where Mentz focuses on Federal and International Issues.


As an Attorney and Law Professor, George Mentz has focused on Consumer Rights & Protection and fighting fraud for years. Prof. Mentz is presently a licensed attorney with the Mentz Law, LLC .~ George Mentz - was recently an associate with Kahn Gauthier LLC ) founded in 2001 by Wendell Gauthier, the nationally prominent lawyer most responsible for the national tobacco settlements in excess of $200 billion, and numerous other recoveries for thousands of plaintiffs in excess of $3 billion.


As for Management Consulting and International Entrepreneurship Services, Mentz can assist with:


  • Brand Protection
  • Public Relations
  • Anti-Corporate Fraud
  • Consumer Protection & Securities Fraud  and Stock Fraud
  • Class Actions Lawsuits
  • International Tax Issues
  • Trademark and Copyright Consulting - Intellectual Property
  • Strategic Registrations of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Business Entitites
  • International Alliance Development - International Contracting
  • International Sales - Development of Distribution
  • International Internet Sales Consulting - SEO and Internet Customer Recruiting
  • International Legal and Risk Analysis - International Law
  • Financial and Securities Law - Securities Fraud and Class Actions.
  • Wealth Management Consulting
  • The Ability to create & develop business alliances in: Latin America, India, China, Singapore, EU, Africa, and Arabia.


As a Consumer Rights and Intellectual Property Rights Attorney:  Mentz has assisted individuals and companies with both lawsuits and class action legal consulting for the USA.  Mentz has assisted injured parties in receiving compensatory rewards for damages. Mentz has also fought for consumer and business rights in both the USA and abroad and won key victories for his clients.


Mentz Law represents clients that have suffered loss or injuries, whether physical from ( Accident Disaster or Medical ) or financial theft or negligence from Securities Fraud. In these types of cases, the law firm may work on contingency arrangement, whereby plaintiffs have no up front lawyer fees. The firm only gets a fee if the Mentz Firm assists in obtaining a recovery for a plaintiff.  Mentz Law Firm may utilize a variety of legal means to pursue cases on behalf of its clients, including outside counsel, individual lawsuits, class actions, Multi District Litigations, and other complex forms of litigation.


In addition to its class action, product liability, securities class actions, intellectual property and personal injury consulting & practice, The Mentz Law Firm represents companies that either engage in or are affected by e-business changes and global issues.


200 L&A Road, Suite B, Metairie, Louisiana 70001. E -mail:

Freephone: 1 877 588 2698 - FAX: 1 419 828 4923 - Telephone: 1 504 495 1748

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