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Welcome to Mentz Law Firm and  Management Consulting.Leader of the Opposition Colorado Springs  

In the 21st Century, companies are looking for international guidance from experts who have the experience for global business success. Need help growing your company worldwide, we can help.  Our Director, George Mentz JD, MBA, is an international lawyer, and the founder and CEO of The GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management and Mentzinger Media Consulting.

George Mentz is an award winning professor, consultant and author. Not only can we help with your global education needs for your staff and employees, but also legal guidance with alliances, contracts,  reputation public relations issues, global branding, trademarks, copyrights and business registrations, and Mentz can also provide consumer protection and class action lawsuit legal help in the USA.


The Mentz Law Firm is presently investigating various cases nationally and internationally.

*Mentzinger Media Ltd. - As seen in the National Law Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, AP,  Yahoo Finance, Forbes News, Wall Street Journal, Arab Times, The China Daily, El Norte Mexico and the Hindu National.


"Education standards worldwide are changing and certification and accreditation are critical to advancement ." - Geo. Mentz, JD, MBA -


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